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Personal Positioning Statement

Who will play you?

Buster Keaton

List of five things I feel passionate about:

Cooking - I have what my wife refers to as a skill for taking things that should be healthy and unleashing their unhealthful potential.  Due to our diet I tend to focus on vegetarian and vegan versions of comfort foods.

Music - I’m an amateur musicologist, which I view as a polite way of saying I am probably a music snob.  I am deeply passionate about music and am always eager to share what moves me with others (in hopes that it moves them in similar ways). 

Pushing others- I get a real thrill out of putting people in positions (physical or mental) where they can grow and learn.

Art - I enjoy both the experience of art as a “finished” product and deconstructing art to better understand the artist, their environment, motivations and message.

Parenting - I enjoy sharing in my children’s passion for exploring their world, guiding and nurturing them to experience things “360.”  Their laughter is the greatest payment I receive.

Personal positioning statement:

I enjoy unlocking doors.  As a father and a teacher I unlock doors to experiences for my kids and my students to grow personally. As a marketer I unlock doors to products and solutions which help a business or an individual achieve their goals.  The narratives and scenarios I believe I am skilled at building are all designed to bring someone to the door, to grip the handle, turn and then walk in. What they find on the other side is for them, for me the prize is getting them to that point and seeing them catch the first rays of light hinting at what is just out of view.


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