Erman Taylan

Product Manager and Writer @Webrazzi



Personal Page

I tried to wireframed my personal page. I made it one page websites.
I would like that everyone who visited my site can understand that 4 things:

  • I used social networks a lot
  • I worked as a 2 different role: developer and product manager
  • I am also a writer who writes about tech
  • I love to take a photo

My site map is like this:

  1. Fixed header: my photo, link on the page, my 3 main social network, my contact info
  2. About: text about myself, link to my resume, link to my social networks
  3. Projects: my roles, project name, project info, year, link to visit web site
  4. Artlicles: publisher logo, title, date, facebook and twitter share
  5. Photos: my Instagram and Twitter photos with their names and links to visit

I used Balsamiq to do that, thanks.


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