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Personal Network gets an Entrepreneurial Upgrade

Hi everyone! I think I'm in the home stretch, at least for setting up this first set of tasks for my month-long plan. Essentially, my plan includes the following:

  • promotional discounts or contests in a month to month theme. For example, on Tuesday I'll launch a "Be a Model" campaign, asking followers and customers to share/tweet/pin pics of themselves wearing my jewelry. In return they'll receive a 10% discount for use on their next purchase.  I'll get (1) pics to add to my product descriptions, (2) mktg to their friends & followers, and (3) repeat business as they will hopefully be encouraged to use their discount. I'll also send an email to past customers, which should get them liking and following me, as well as sharing and pinning. Next month will be a month-long my "what's in a name?" contest, where followers can submit a name for a new item I've created. The person submitting the best name will win the item for free.
  • publicising new items. I started a Pinterest account ages ago but never did much with it. Now, I'm hearing that it's a key component in online retail! Each week I'll Pin a new item to my creations board. I'll be pinning existing products over time, and other pieces when I find interesting items. However, I will specifically push new items once per week, along with a share/post on the inspiration behind it. 
  • giving back (esp saying so). It's important to me that my business show that it is part of a community, and that I am as well. Part of my endeavour includes donating a portion of proceeds to a worthy organization that is selected each quarter. I'll look for ways to partner with these organizations in traditional and social media to publicize their work. I'll also highlight times when I volunteer with them, select them, or file the donation so that we're raising awareness for the effort.  
  • blogging about me. Over and over people tell me that the joy of buying from a local artisan is not just shopping local or buying handmade, but also getting to know the story s/he has to tell. I'm an artist turned foreign studies major, turned urban designer, turned transportation engineer, turned policy wonk, turned jewelry designer. And I love to travel. And I love to cook. Friends and mentors have really encouraged me to share my story! So I've finally mapped out a blogging calendar and fired up some ideas (also thanks to another Skillshare class). The idea is to post once a week about me, and once a week about the business/product. My first post is available here: I welcome your comments and feedback!
  • blogging about what inspires me. This will include pics from recent travel, where images that I've seen inspire different ideas for products or posts.  
  • quick shares. These are just quick tidbits about something interesting going on with me, the design world, the planning world, etc. Basically anything that seems like it might be interesting to my online community, with a focus on customers. The difference between these posts and general re-sharing/re-tweeting is that these items will be generated by me and about me/my business. These also provide filler between my weekly, bi-weekly and monthly posts, so that I'm posting something at least once daily, at least 6 days a week.
  • ongoing engagement. Sharing, posting, Pinning, etc interesting tidbits that I see in my feed. A nod to the idea that cats and dogs (and such) can help a social media plan along :-). 
  • ongoing collaborations. Looking for opportunities to work with friends and colleagues, whether by pitching shares/posts/tweets, or with a more concerted effort to create superfans who post more frequently.

Thanks for reading! I'm looking forward to reading through other people's ideas as well! And looking forward to your feedback too.

Thanks much!


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