Personal Monogram

Personal Monogram - student project

Hi everyone! I took this class because I wanted to make a monogram with the letters from my own name, L and P, to use it like a personal logo.




1. Inspiration

I love Art Deco style. I find their shapes very tidy and elegant. That's why I also love Kelly's work, which has those Art Deco vibes. I would like to make something simple, not too ornamented, so I think I'll only use one or two colors on a white background.

I also found very beautiful samples on The Encyclopedia of Monograms. I like specially the more geometric ones:

Personal Monogram - image 1 - student project


I also took as inspiration my own work. This may look egocentric, but as an illustrator I need that my monogram represents also my illustration style:

Personal Monogram - image 2 - student project

Personal Monogram - image 3 - student project


I feel very comfortable using monolinear and without serif lettering. I would like to focus on the curves and how they interact.


2. Sketching

I started deciding the shape of the letters. I like how script style works as a monolinear. I started drawing these:

                                1.                                               2.                                               3.

Personal Monogram - image 4 - student project

I prefer the P shape in 2 and 3. I like the shape of both letters in 2, but I think 3 works better.


I decided to explore more the sketch number 3. I like the idea of using different color for each letter, but I would like that they both work in black as well:

Personal Monogram - image 5 - student project

                              1.                                                   2.                                              3.

I think 3 is the one that works best so far.




I was exploring the 3rd option, adding a circle and some leaves:

Personal Monogram - image 6 - student project


I really like the last sketch with the leaves. It looks more energetic and stronger, maybe because they actually look like flames. Nevertheless, I would like to find something a little more elegant and peaceful to use it as my personal logo, so I'll keep exploring it.

Laura Pacheco

Cartoonist and Illustrator