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Personal Mail Server

The idea is to make it easy for people to operate their own email server in their home so that they can take control of their own information.

The initial target group would be technically sophisticated people, because it will be hard to make the server easy to use.  Over time, it will scale to non-technical people as it becomes easy to use.

The asset I have is the ability to build computer systems. I will have to buy or build small computers and then load the email software on them.  I will also have to write some software to make the systems easy to use.

The customer is an individual who is worried about corporations having access to their private information.  They will get an easy-to-use system that gives them back control of their information.  Over time, this will branch out from email to other forms of electronic information (what web sites you visit, what you read, etc.).

The hard parts are developing the product and selling the product.

The project costs are small enough that I can fund them myself.


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