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Personal Logo

Just trying to put something together for my personal portfolios and things.

Sorry for the mess of the other text. I'm in a midst of developing a version 2.0 of my website. Some sketches of my initials which I want to use for my logo

Update 3/10/14: So the spacing and lines are messed up but that's what I did last night. I liked it a lot but then it doesn't really evoke any emotion from it which I had wanted something to come of it. I'm in a midst of a redo. I also realized it looks like the logo of Michael Kors lolol. I apologize for the crudeness of my Ai, I'm a noob at it

Update 3/11/14: I've revisited some old designs. Hopefully when someone looks at the logo there seems to be a more of a direction or feeling of some sort. While I do want ot be abstract, I want to be bold and classic if possible as well.

I like the reverse K because it's different and I'm sort of weird so that's a thing. The type would be bold if possible because I'd like to think i'm a bit more bold. Using a serif font would be cool because it'd pay a homage to the classics and that's definitely something I aspire towards. Maybe a combination of each will actually prove closer to who I actually am as person.

However the last mock-up I'm trying to utilize negative space and while it's abstract I'm hoping I can fill in the piece with my last initial possibly in a serif font so I'll have all the elements that I'm trying to trend towards without it being overwhelming. Version 2 mock ups will be up soon!

Update 03/21/14: I went a different directionto hopefully find more meaning to what I'm trying to achieve with the logo. The bottom right one is close to what I want to know, i'm trying to see if i should make it more complicated or keep is basic.


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