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Personal Logo Redesign

Personal Logo Redesign

I'm going to take advantage of this class to scheme up a potential redesign for my current logo. While in the process of graduating college, in 2011, I was put into two portfolio classes where I needed to create and finalize my branding and website design. This, for someone who does not consider themself a graphic designer, was quite a challenge!

  1. The Original: My thought process for the original logo was to go with a font that had a retro feel. With that in mind, I chose a font named Reklame Script. Using this font was passible at first, but after time I noticed that it, and others like it, were becoming popular and my logo quickly lost what uniqueness I thought it had. 

  2. Moodboard: While scheming ideas for my logo redesign, Victorian Lettering and Brush Scripts seemed to really stand out. I picked a few examples that especially spoke to me for my moodboard.

  3. Sketching: After a few nights of sketching I came up with a couple that I really liked. The plan: go with the "risty" from the top left, the "K" from the bottom left and the curve on "omg it's" from the top right.

  4. Illustrator & Final Logo Mark: The process in Illustrator took the most time but due to not having a chance to apply textures and shadows, I've only included a few grayscale versions.


Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism that you may have. I'm almost satisfied with the end result but I feel that there is room for improvement and would love to hear your thoughts!


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