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Personal Life Story

     These are my 3 ideas for the Persoanl Story Board Project. It took me a while to think of just 3 ideas, then I quickly shot out a large brainstorm of ideas. It was hard to pick one but I managed to widdle it down to just these 3.

     The first of which pertains to my childhood play things and how much they were a part of my imagination world. I didn't play too many videogames as a kid but my toys were pretty much my video game. I know we all can relate to Andy and how much his Toys meant to him, this is just my rendition. Just how I envisioned everything to be happening as I played and how it all came into play in my art and the way I see things when I draw.

     And then the time that my dad, my sister and my dog and I went on a hike, and got chase by cows! They are evil creatures at heart I swear! 

     I've always liked drawing, ever since I was 3 years old. However there was one night that really changed my life and my view about drawing and how vast the world is. This was also my first time storyboarding without realizing it! 


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