Personal Icons

Personal Icons - student project

Final Badges.

Personal Icons - image 1 - student projectUPDATE Apr 25:

I don't think this will be the final badge shape, but I wanted to explore this direction to see if it would overpower or help the icons. 

Personal Icons - image 2 - student project

UPDATE Apr. 24:

Personal Icons - image 3 - student project

Shanfan had suggested that the world and dog should reflect the flat dimensionality of the other icons. I agree so I put together two versions of the dog icon. I think I like the first, but am open to suggestions.

Personal Icons - image 4 - student project

This new version of the world minus the geography aspect is better than what I have originally posted. I also want to incorporated some sort of basketball graphic. I have played and love basketball. It may be a hidden icon somewhere on my site.


I keep looking at the icons on the white in my earlier post and keep wondering if white is the direction I should take the badges. I am one to work out all of the options though, whether in my head or on paper. This  shape for my badge fits nicely with what I want to do with these badges. 

The ones that are working best for me are the backpack, the radio, the desk and the pen, pencil and knife.


Personal Icons - image 5 - student project

Personal Icons - image 6 - student project  

Personal Icons - image 7 - student project

Personal Icons - image 8 - student project

Personal Icons - image 9 - student project

UPDATE April 23:

Working on some more images. I keep wanting to go complex on certain items, but scle it back on others. Not sure whether I should take it in a more complex way or keep it strictly shapes. 

Maybe they are still working well together. I think the desk and book may be more simple than the backpack and camera. Any thoughts on whether to go more in detail or more simple shape?

Personal Icons - image 10 - student project


Personal Icons - image 11 - student project

I really enjouy natural, subdued tones and shades, so I feel good about the selection that I have, but I wouldn't mind trying some new bright, bold colors. 

In terms of the illustration, I am keeping it simple, for now. I may end up putting in some more secondary details that you would notice after looking more in depth at the illustration. I like a certain complexity, but also really love the simple use of shapes.

My badge container is reflecting my logo. (To be updated soon)

Close Up #1:

Personal Icons - image 12 - student project

Close Up #2:

Personal Icons - image 13 - student project

Close Up #3: Will become a map of some sort. 

Personal Icons - image 14 - student project

Personal Icons - image 15 - student projectPersonal Icons - image 16 - student project

These are my intial sketches for the badges. I have a pretty clear idea of what the overall usage of the badges will be, personal icons for my portfolio, but I will need to figure out which sketches to use for the ten. 

My inspiration styles:

Personal Icons - image 17 - student projectPersonal Icons - image 18 - student projectPersonal Icons - image 19 - student projectPersonal Icons - image 20 - student project

Personal Icons - image 21 - student project

Color Inspiration:

Personal Icons - image 22 - student project

Personal Icons - image 23 - student project

Personal Icons - image 24 - student project

Badge Shape Inspiration:

Personal Icons - image 25 - student project

Circle with ribbon for text.

Personal Icons - image 26 - student project

Circle with main image breaking out of shape.

Personal Icons - image 27 - student project


Personal Icons - image 28 - student project

Irregular shape.

Those are my ideas and inspiration. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. I will post my progress later this evening.