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Frazer S.




Personal Freelance Design Branding

1. Introduction

Hi! Im Frazer and I'm a Graphics student from Leeds. I'm using this course to help me build my personal branding as I've never done a project like this before so the step-by-step processes Courtney uses will really help. I'll also be building my own website along with this course so the identity I set out here will be used in building consistancy in that.

Also, its harder to design for yourself than someone else because we're our own worst critic. So I thought, why not learn the hard way, that way it'll be less stressful when it comes round to doing a project like this for someone else. Like we get told at rowing training: "Train how you race, race how you train".

Creative Brief

Background: Who is the Client + and what is their current situation?

I am a graphic design student taking the plunge into freelance work and providing a consistent identity to base internship or job applications on.

Objective: What are they trying to accomplish?

To position myself in a professional manner. I do not currently have a brand identity so want one to reflects the professional, stylish and simple approach that encompasses my work.

Target audience: Who are your ideal customers?

Design and Advertising agencies who I will be sending internship applications to in the coming months. As Designers they will have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of something out of the blue.

Message: What are you trying to say? 

That I am a well-rounded, professional and enthusiastic designer ready for the world.

"Give me briefs but I won't give you pants" < some funny wordplay I may incorporate.

Competition: Who is the competition?

Colleagues on my course and graphic design students throughout the country who will be applying for the same positions as me.

Distinguishing Characteristics: What makes the client unique?

  • Will bring my sense of humour and wit to provide a bright atmosphere
  • With my hunger for learning, I am always ready to improve my skill set and learn new things.
  • Strong and clever ideas both in individual and collaborative projects.

Creative Considerations: Specific directives that should apply.

  • Try logo as a lettermark (supplied) and logotypes
  • Bold but stylish colours
  • See how the identity can be carried across different platforms as it'll be used on print as well as web
  • KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
  • A dash of 50s/60s vintage illustration style

Tone/Key Words: What personality does the client want to project to their audience?

  • Witty
  • Minimal
  • Stylish
  • Modern
  • Playful

Mood Board


2. Colour

Most of my colours were taken off the vintage Fossil tins because I like the muted, vintage style of those palettes so they would work well with the vintage style that my branding's going.


3. Typography

Mission Gothic is inspired by hand-painted signs around the Mission district of San Francisco, giving it the charm of the signs its inspired by. I'm thinking of using a combination of these weights and occasionally use Minion sans as a neutral serif for documents like invoices and my CV.


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