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Personal, Cheeky Business Card

Phase one

So, I've only made three so far, but I definitely know that if/when I make a fourth, I want to get out of the two-column mold. 

I did these in indesign but was too lazy to export them properly, so we have screenshots. 

Above is the first attempt I made. I pulled existing elements from my business card (I run an online publication) and re-aranged them just to get a feel for aligning things correctly.

Then I tried to force myself to think outside the box. With the TOL cards, my name is less important than the blog name, so I wanted to emphasize that. I think this is also the first time I've tried the sideways "on," which, in principle, I like, but I'm not sure I have it right here. I'm also not sure about having the tagline in that top right. I feel like it might throw off the balance of the card some, but I couldn't think of another place it could properly go. 

This is more of a personal card which higlights the myriad things I do/can do (I forgot to put photographer on there...). I'm at the beginning of my career at the moment and am simultaneously developing a lot of different skills, so there's a lot on here. I don't think I"d actually make a card with this type, but I wanted to do something fun and cheeky. 

This is probably my favorite of the three. I'd probably take the tagline and align it left if I ever did anything serious with it. But I like the way it is now too. 

Phase 2

For some reason, doing the block of text wasn't nearly as difficult. I had fun with the snark here on the back. I'm not sure if I'd ever use this for anything for real, but I had a good time. 

I don't love this font, and honestly I'll probably switch it out for something else before I do my final thing. I might not even use a serif at all. I couldn't find one that wasn't so... rough...that was free. But choosing a typeface is kind of agonizing. So I decided to just pick a PC default (Adobe Caslon Pro) and just work on the other things first. I'll finalize the typeface later.

Phase 3

So I finalized my typefaces (Avenir and Aleo). I'm not sure they pair well, but I like them together right now.


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