Personal Care

Personal Care - student project

I work from home and mostly am by myself. It is hard to be disciplined and sometimes it makes me a bit jittery. So over these years I have tried to keep myself refreshed and happy by learning new skills and reading and hearing podcasts alongside my graphic design work.

List A

  1. Listening to podcasts and reading books.
  2. Working out
  3. Being aware of the food we take
  4. Maintaining discipline

List B

  1. There has to be a balance between content absorption and content creation.
  2. Make exercise a routine.
  3. Learning to listen to my gut is beneficial.
  4. Having inner peace is a priority


My color and brush palettePersonal Care - image 1 - student projectPersonal Care - image 2 - student projectPersonal Care - image 3 - student project