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Personal Business Cards

Below are my first attempts at the second lesson; Serif and Detail:

I wasn't exactly sure how to approach the written part of this design, so each example has a different voice. The first is text-only. I like "L" as a drop captial. I added the illustrative element to the next three designs. The  4th design rhymes, again, I was really unsure on what to write. The last design is more of a joke. I've been reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud and "The Tearchery of Images" by Rene Magritte was on my mind while I was struggling with coming up with another idea, and that is what I ended up with.

before>   after>

Below, my second attempt at the Sans Serif + Structure lesson, made in InDesign. 

The first three designs are basic and focus on contrast. I tried to use a more obvious grid, but the alignments are pretty tame. I started using black blocks to add the option of white text which added another element of contrast. My last design has an illustrative element for my interest. My favorite designs are the 4th and 8th. 

Below, my first attempt at the Sans Serif + Structure lesson. Made in Illustrator. 

I found these compositions to be pretty boring. My favorite from the set is the last one. I used that concept in a few of my second round designs. It was hard working with so few lines of text. Structure isn't very obvious, elements seem unfocused.


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