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Khara Woods

Graphic Designer



Personal Business Card

I have plans to revamp my facebook page and use it a primary way to recruit new clients. Refining my business card would be a nice step in promoting my services with more efficiency and focus. I look forward to pushing my skills and creating something beautiful yet funcitonal.

Here are four layout variations. I've decided to highlight my name, phone number and facebook page. I love the Misson Gothic typeface, so I'll be using it for this project.

Here's my exploration using serifs!

With this I used forward slashes to separate my numerals for my phone number. I used color for interest and emphasis. There are certain words, not many, that I italized also for emphasis. I used Tribute as my main typeface, the numeral are lining, but it's a beautiful typeface nonetheless. Just look at those discretionary ligatures and small caps! For contrast I used thirsty script for my Drop cap. I also used some of the oranments in the Tribute family for decoration. This was fun!

Here's a fun layout with all the bells and whistles. I provided a design for the back of the card as well. 


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