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Personal Branding: Augie Freeman Graphic Designer


As a new designer, I am seeking new oportunities to push my work and get my name out there. I finished school at CSULB in graphic design and I was absolutely ashamed of my student portfolio. I have spent the last year and half reading books and watching tutorials here on skillshare and on These resources have been amazing and have helped me develop my personal portfolio and website (


Now it's time to get that work out there and look for a job. Using great typography and relevant content my objective is to create a great card that fits within my personal image and communicates professionalism, creativity, and a high level of skill. On a side note, it seems like branding for clients is far easier than branding myself; so I have decided to let my work do the talking (rather than developing a logo or elaborate identity system).

Front: I will use my website and resume as a style guide to help inform my decisions for layout and hiearchy. 

Back: This is the side that will give my clients/potential employers a taste of my work and hopefully entyce them to go to my website. 


I believe that making an impression with your business card will be the first step in the seduction. I am looking for a cost effective solution that will make a great impression. has the new luxe series of business cards and has a great weight and feel to it. 

Mood Board:

Initial Sketche & Explorations:

Photos for the back:

Digital Explorations:








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