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Personal Blog

– I want to design a personal blog using tumblr. I have already started one, but the layout is not really satisfactory, also because I never took the time to design it for real. I hope being enrolled in a class will give the right motivation.  –

SECOND STEP: sketching

I sketched on Photoshop, trying to think about every type of post, even though I will mainly use Text, PIcture and Photoset Posts.

The home page, I am thinking of using the Quote posts as text posts, as I would like just part of it to show in the homepage. I don't know if the "Read More" Option used to show just a part of the post in the dashboard can be useful in this.

A very narrow version for mobile browsing. I think I will have an internediate width layout with just the first two columns from the left.

I would like my text posts to have some introductory lines (those that get visualised in the home page). Maybe they could be longer titles.

Picture/Photoset/Text + images. 

Answer post.

All the other posts will derive from these.


FIRST STEP: inspiration.

I guess the exmples I collected show more or less the direction I want to go. I would like my theme to be: 

  • responsive;
  • with big images
  • bright colours/coloured blocks


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