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Personal Blog titled AkshayOnWeb

Recently entered the web world this past year and decided to dive-in headfirst. I need a place to post my exciting journey and would like to develop a blog using Ruby.

Update 1: Day 2 and I finished all the videos and have my blog website live (link coming soon once I remove the ability to remove Post Management by third party viewers :) ). Anyone who even has an ounce of doubt whether this course will teach you Ruby on Rails - I'm here to share my journey today.  

In the past, I've enrolled in online academies like Team Treehouse, Tuts+, Codeschool - followed their Ruby tutorials and have even built 1-2 apps. Ruby is a very complex, multi-layer language and as a complete beginner (with some prior programming background) I had issues implementing the code. A great place to start

Tal's tutorial is justified in saying that it's aimed for "beginners". Starting off with the basic installation of Ruby (good luck Mavericks users!) to setting up your workspace, Tal uses standard tools and procedures - stuff that can be easily found with a Google query "how do i learn ruby on rails". I barely had any trouble keeping up with his tutorial except for when it came to key concepts such as routes, MVC and object instantiations and implementation for which Tal provides excellent supplement readings. In 8-10 hours, I had my blog app ready to be pushed onto Heroku (one of the main reasons why I enrolled in his course). 

The best part is, with the foundation laid out, I can now go through various tutorials on websites mentioned above and implement them on my existing app. I will be deleting the app I created and will start from scratch using the notes I took without the aid of Tal's videos. Best $15 spent (BlackFriday $ 10 off)! 

Here's a quick snapshot : 

Update 2: I'm sharing all helpful links/posts I find to make this app better

Once you have your app pushed to Heroku, you can set up your Heroku app with a new/existing GoDaddy (I'm using for my domain hosting) domain by following this Stack Overflow thread

I may convert the entire post into a blog post on my app for anyone who might have the same issues I had during my course.


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