Melinda Klein

Motion Designer & Photographer



Personal Artist Website re-design

Entry 1:

I'm a Motion Graphics Designer/VFX Artist and Photographer. Right now I have each specialty on a different website. I am going to create a website that includes all areas of my artwork combined into one.

The main page will have samples of my varied artworks and each type of artowrk will be linked to a different page. 

I plan on having these as categories/links: Motion Graphics, Photography, Digital Illustration, About, Contact, Main (link to main website)

Each will have sub-categories. My current photography website has 8 sub-pages.

My Motion Graphics work is currently on a link on, but I plan to create the separate projects I've done with my role in each of them. 

The Digital Illustration page will include my vector art, as well as my digital painting and photo-manipulation artowrk.

'About' will have a short biography about me, and how I got into each area of my art expertise. 

'Contact' and 'Main' are self-explanatory. 

I'll be updating shortly with my main page grid layout, and soon after that I will have each of the individual pages that are linked from the main page.

Let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions. I've never created a website from scratch, and I'm looking forward to this class helping with my design of my new website!!

Entry 2:

Here is the home page I've designed for my website. There are placeholders for my logo, categories of art (4 lines of boxes beneath the top logo), about me and contact (next to the logo in the top center).

There are bigger boxes beneath to showcase photography and illustration, and the larger box below those is for my Motion graphics/VFX demo reel. 

At the bottom the tiny boxes are for my copyright and facebook and twitter links. 


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