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Persona for a luxury travel agency

I have to design as a class project, the User Experience of a website for a fictitious client;

A super luxury travel agency, the kind that caters to high end customers that don't have to worry about price tags, and a big chunk of the agency's target market is Japan.

This project presented 2 initial challenges:

1. I don't have any rich friends and can not go around asking people who is loaded to answer some questions about their excentric lifestyles.

2. I live in Spain

In order to get some insight into millionaires traveling habits, I decided to go for the next best thing, friends and relatives with a good socio-economic level and also, Japanese friends, so that I could get some cultural insights.

I created a Google form with some questions about motivations, frustrations, etc. and also asked them to tell me stories about particular experiences both positive and negative.

The following persona is a result of that research.

All feedback is welcome!



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