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Person V. Product

Nowadays, the media is either throwing the "ideal" body and products necessary to achieve that look, while simultaneously trying to tell us that we should "embrace ourselves" and be who we are. For this project, we were interested in exploring the content of fashion magazines from a different perspective. We took an edition of Elle magazine and Vogue magazine and dissected them by dividing up into categories of "person" or "product". These were based on if the advertisement or article was based on the person and embracing yourself or if it was based on product. 

While looking at the ads, we created an excel sheet to record the ads by the company, the boolean (product/person), the number of pages dedicated to the ad, and the size of the text. What we found was that there were cases where the ad had both the product and the person, so we had to adjust our column to include a "both" option. From there, we calculated the percentage of ads that were product based and the ads that were ideal based. We then put the percentages in a table that resembles Gregor Mendel's table for studying inherited traits, with the names of the magazines (Vogue and Elle) on one side and the type of ad (person or product) on the other. Underneath the table is a scale from 0-100% to indicated our data's intensity through color.

Once the table was completed, we realized that the percentages did not add up due to the adjustment to the boolean. The percentages for Elle magazine, for example, add up to 146%, which would certainly confuse some people. So we ended up creating 2 venn diagrams towards to bottom to explain this seeming discrepency in our data. 

Overall we're happy with how our project turned out, given our time constraints.



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