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Persian Garden

Hello everyone,

My name is Teresa. I'm here because I want to learn and practice the art of making repeats. I love the visual effect of patterns and want to create my own repeats and collections. I've found this class really helpful so thank you Elizabeth. I like that it's video-based and the chunk on designing in Illustrator is so clear and simple. Would you consider doing another brilliant class, Elizabeth, on creating collections?

After watching the tutorials, I wanted to design a pattern inspired by gardens and illustrations from Persian manuscripts.  I studied these at university; the illustrations in the manuscripts are incredibly rich - full of detail, colour, and pattern - and gardens are a recurring theme depicting paradise or an idealised world.

Inspired by those illustrations, I wanted to create a dense repeat of plants, flowers and leaves which would look 'other worldly'. In terms of mood, While I was drawing, I was thinking of lush gardens and blue sky so I started out with greens and blues for colour. This is my first attempt at using so many motifs in one design so I tweaked and tweaked or 'massaged' the placement of the motifs for hours. It could be tweaked and improved further but I wanted to post this before I run out of time! I would like to develop a collection around this print so back to the drawing board and more practice at making the repeats flow.

Teresa x


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