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Perryn Ryan Designed for the Casual Contemporary and Petite_ Creative Brief and identity Collage

Hi All,

I've finally finished and pasted my brand identity presentation below.  I think I've done a good job of incorporating my tone words into all elements of my presentation.  After reading my creative brief below take a look at my presentation and tell me what you think.  Im looking to getting the feedback!



Hi All,

I've had such a busy couple of weeks, Im finally catching up on the past weeks assignment.  I've attached below my creative brief along with my identity collage including new primary and secondary logos, brand colors, typefaces, and mood board.  I think I did a pretty good job of incorporating my tone words into my mood board and other design elements.  Would love to get some feed back!  Will be uploading my final presentation in the next coming week!



Perryn Ryan is a New York - based clothing design company targeting petite women 5’4” and under. Perryn Ryan specializes in tailored bottoms with an empahsis on neo-classic silhouettes and contemporary styling in fun and novel prints.


To revamp Perryn Ryan’s image in order to attract more customers and boost internet sales and wholesale business.


Fashion forward petite women with a sense of whimsy and fun between the ages of 22 and 45. These women are looking for easily transitional looks from casual day to girls night out on the town.


Clothes for the Casual, Contemporary, and Petite.


Other contemporary brands offering bottoms in petite sizes: Primarily: J.Crew, Club Monaco, Asos, and BCBG.


• The company specializes in bottoms only, which is a huge problem area for many petites as most contemporary brands design for taller target customers, resulting in too long inseams.

• The designer of this brand, who is also petite, takes into consideration the suggestions from her customers and uses them to improve on fit and design aesthetics.


• The PR graphic artwork is representative of the name sake designer as it was created using her very own handwriting as a font. The graphic also resembles a heart which should also be incorporated in some way.

• Explore a palette that is fun and whimsical and incorporates yellow and neo-classicism.


• Neo-Classic

• Casual

• Fun

• Effortless

• Whimsical


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