Perotá Chingo

Perotá Chingo - student project


Perotá Chingo - image 1 - student project


As a southamerican girl i love the color and felling of our music, it´s just simply and beautiful! That´s the reason why i´ve chosen to do a conceptual poster of a great Argentinian band formed in 2011: Perotá Chingo. In Uruguay and Argentina "Perotá chingo" is a very common phrase that means: everything is OK, don´t worry!

Perotá Chingo - image 2 - student project


Julia Ortiz and Dolores Aguirre are the soul of Perota Chingo.The band was born from a video shot in 2011 as they traveled through Uruguay, a video very soulful and magical. The video with the song titled "Rie Chinito", became so popular that they decided to continue giving concerts together.

This is the link to the video if you want to listen guys:

Little they are making a hole. Still have no record or page. Born by popular acclaim. Freshness and naturalness are always very welcome. His style is popular latin. Latin Folk might say. They sing a cappella and very loud-I love that!.

For now they have few original songs and excellent versions of Latin classics. It is a pleasure to see, hear and now make this great work to this band :) I´m really excited because they´re going to be here in Colombia on the last week of March and probably this could be the poster of their Tour in Colombia. 


Perotá Chingo - image 3 - student project


Perotá Chingo - image 4 - student project


I started the creative process writting everything that comes to my mind when i listened the band:

unity, peace, space, time, magic, spirituality, sensitivity, colors, love, peace, harmony, universe, cosmos, smile, happiness, dancing, movement, complicity, fluency...

Below are my first two sketches,  i'll have more soon!. My ideas are very fluent images, remembering the first state of life and universe, simple shapes to create forms or maybe characters that represent the esence of the band.

Perotá Chingo - image 5 - student projectPerotá Chingo - image 6 - student project


1. Concept: movement

Perotá Chingo - image 7 - student project


2. Concept: unity/happiness/magic/love

Perotá Chingo - image 8 - student project

Those are my sketches for today! I´m waiting for feedback and comments :)

Some weeks later.. here is the final sketch:

Perotá Chingo - image 9 - student project

And the rest of the process!!

I started with the bag and the birds:

Perotá Chingo - image 10 - student project

Some details with shadows and lights:Perotá Chingo - image 11 - student project

The hole poster with mountains and sea:Perotá Chingo - image 12 - student projectPerotá Chingo - image 13 - student projectPerotá Chingo - image 14 - student project

I write the places where they´re gonna be and started the texturizing process:Perotá Chingo - image 15 - student project

Some days later i made a new version of the birds..

Perotá Chingo - image 16 - student project

And i used a new logo for perotá:

Perotá Chingo - image 17 - student project

More textures!! playing with the background:

Perotá Chingo - image 18 - student projectPerotá Chingo - image 19 - student project