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Pern Dragon

Ahh, hello everyone! After buying Emily's Creature Sculpt book and trying my hand at a critter (currently sitting on my dresser until I can find some Apoxie Sculpt. It's amazing how many art stores have never even heard of it o.o; Micheals, Hobby Lobby. You'd think they'd have it but nope.)

Anyways. This will be my second sculpt with the book, and my first with the class. :)

I'm hoping I'll learn a thing or two. We'll see what happens.

I'll be sculpting a dragon for this project, and hopefully it won't take me months to do like my other critter did. >>;

I made the wire armature before the class, so there are some bits of it that I would already like to change after watching the videos, but I'll just have to save that for another project.

Onto the pictures!

This here is what i decided to go with for my base reference image. After fighting with muscle placement on the last sculpt I decided to actually map out the musculature of the creature I want to sculpt. Plus that gives me an excuse to draw muscles. :D I'm a sucker for drawing musculature images. It's fun to learn about how different muscles appear on creatures too. Most quadroped pictures I've looked at have the neck muscles curling over the shoulder, but I like my Pern Dragons to have more of a humanoid shoulder appearance than a quadropedal, so I have the neck muscles attaching to the equivalent of the collar bone instead.

Aaand Mr took me forever (hours) cobbled together armature.

Finding Aluminum armature wire in this town of the proper sizing is a nightmare. I have to get the size seen here in the floral section of micheals or hobby lobby, and like the Apoxie Sculpt it's amazing how many people that work in the art stores have no idea what I'm talking about when I ask for clay aluminum armature wire.

I've yet to put aluminum foil on this guy, but that will be my next step. His tail has some funky stuff going on because I measured my wire too short aaand I sorta, kinda ran out of wire. >>; So I had to cut a new length of wire and add it onto the tail. It's not the sturdiest thing in the world because of it but I refuse to remake it a third time. I'll probably add a dollop of hot glue on a couple of points on the tail to make it stronger.

This is actually my second armature for the sketch. The first one came out kind of wonky. The videos make it look so easy! D: But I have to spend hours to get my armature wire to look right. It's frustrating and the long ends get everywhere and hnnn.

I don't have a base for this guy. There's a part of my brain that is resisting the idea of using a base, mostly because it means running to the store and spending even more money. I've had to have dumped at least $100 into all my materials so far. x.x With nothing to show for it yet. Kinda depressing. I'll try to get a base for my next sculpture.

Soooo. Yea. Can't help but feel a little pessimistic about this project, what with all the difficulty I've had with this guy so far, and my displeasure at finding that super sculpey is not kept in a bag inside of their boxes and thus is exposed to air instead of sealed like you think would be smart. I suspect I'll have to dump mineral oil into it when I mix them together, because I refuse to spend $7+ on a tiny bottle of clay reconstituting stuff or whatever it's called.

Whoops. I'd completely forgotten about this and mr dragon has been sitting on my table baked for quite some time now. Please ignore the mess of the table, I started another project and currently my table is a smattering of multiple projects.


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