Periwinkle Purple

Periwinkle Purple - student project


My CLmooc friends doodle every day. 

Today the prompt is dirt, and in the dirt in my yard grow the lovely periwinkle.

So I snapped a pic of the lovely flowers to use as my reference as I practiced the steps to create both the stamps and the watercolor.

I inked three parts of the periwinkle: the flower, the bud, the four leaves. I also created a "dirt" stamp for the prompt. :)

I created stamps and arranged them for the scene, then applied the native brushes suggested by Lettie in her class. I couldn't get the "old brush" to make the darker parts as her brush does, but I kept adding in colors, light and dark, and "bleeds/blends."

The texture overlay is the native brush “noise” in the same color as background set to color burn. It really made the colors pop and added more texture to the leaves.

Great class. I'm getting a print of this on RedBubble for my daughter-in-law who just loves this finished piece:

Periwinkle Purple - image 1 - student project


Thanks for the tips on native brushes. I really appreciate that you share the native equivalents-- that really helps.


Based on the advice of our mentor teacher, I revised my periwinkle:Periwinkle Purple - image 2 - student project