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Tayrine Cruz

Illustrator and Art Director



Perfume - The Story of a Murderer

Hello everyone!

For my project I choose "Perfume - The Story of a Murderer". 
Perfume is a Patrick Suskind's classic novel that tells the story of a French man who owns one sublime gift - an absolute sense of smell. Driven by his passion he goes in search of the ingredients to create the best perfume in the world leaving a trail of death and suffering wherever he goes.


murderer - blood - flowers - woman - smell - petalls - old - passion - vanity - skin - texture - smooth - sensual - death - delicate - aggressive - organic - details - glass - elegant - obsessive - focus.

***Visual References


I chose to work in typography with elements that refer to femininity, softness and elegance (roses and ornaments) and after that add the colors something more aggressive and with a one portion over visual impact.

***Roughs and Process


Gradually I was finishing and clearing over the drawing. I thought I was getting a lot of elements, so I chose to take some of them to other parts of the project, creating new possibilities to exploit them.

***Final Dropcap


***Complete Project


I really enjoyed doing this project and I was happy with the result. II hope to create more things and participate in other classes very soon.
And thanks Jessica, your work inspires me a lot!

Please leave your suggestions. I would love to have feedback from all of you.

Thanks :)


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