Perfume Packaging

Perfume Packaging - student project

Update time! 

Well, after some sketching and a lot of thinking, I decided that the name of the perfume will be Lovely Berry. It will follow the key words already given (girly, vintage, whimsical) and it will be a product for teenage girls. :)

I started researching and found a beautiful branch with tiny berries, looking like a garland. The whole princess-of-the-forest stuff came to my mind (lol) and all my sketches led me to that direction.


Perfume Packaging - image 1 - student project

Please, pretend you see them perfectly round. Lol! 

I have to say I really liked the 3rd one... I love the garland look of the first one, but I can apply it on the packaging, for example. And all the logos are already circles because of the garland inspiration and the idea of how everything in Nature is connected.  About the second logo... hum... not sure about anything.


I've been looking for perfume bottles and found some really nice ones. I started with the idea of buying a kind of round one but I'm not sure if it's going to work well. I don't want to use the idea of circles in an excessive manner. I found a square one that might be a solution, but I'm afraid it doesn't look really appealing... 

Perfume Packaging - image 2 - student project

I think I like the 3rd one better than the others. I would have to hand paint the texture or maybe create a sticker... but it looks nice in my mind. Lol! The texture would intercalate berries' colors, on the back, there would be more texture or a cute sentence like "You're berry special" , I don't know...


Perfume Packaging - image 3 - student project

This one.... oh, God. I would love to make the third one, but I'm afraid I really lack skills... anyway, the second is a good option. And I could offer a bracelet that looks like a garland. I remember being crazy for J-Lo's Miami Glow fragrance especially because of the bracelet with cute flip-flops that came with it. Also, the bracelet is something that I have enough skills to make.


I'm still experimenting with colors and typography. Maybe I'll handwrite something, it all depends on how much free time I'll actually have. These are come colors I've set aside. Not excluding white and black, of course.

Perfume Packaging - image 4 - student project

That's it for now! :)


First Post

I really like perfume packaging so I think it's going to be fun to work with that. I've never tried to design a perfume packaging before... just cereal boxes, so I guess that doesn't really count here! :)

My idea is to create a girly, vintage, whimsical look to the product. These are the three words that I hope will help me during this project.

The names I thought about are:

Whimsical Journey

Lovely Berry

Flower Shower

Starry Waters

Evening Melody

I found some interesting pictures on the internet. Each of them has something that has caught my eyes (colors, details, even the perfume bottle...). Here they are:

Perfume Packaging - image 5 - student projectPerfume Packaging - image 6 - student projectPerfume Packaging - image 7 - student projectPerfume Packaging - image 8 - student projectPerfume Packaging - image 9 - student project