Perfectionism? Impossible.

Perfectionism? Impossible. - student project

 Great class. Thank you.

 There is beauty in imperfection, but comparing oneself to others is a big problem.  When you put yourself out there you are opening yourself to harsh criticism. And that is scary.     

For this class, I really wanted to learn and use masking fluid, because I don't know how to use it and thought it would be fun.  

My favorite mini-projects were the big free floral paintings (#3 and # 6) where lots of masking fluid were used.  I did not like to smaller more precise paintings because they are rigid and less artistic, in my opinion.  I did not make the 7th picture, because I liked the indigo "cherry blossoms" so much, I did not want to ruin the sense of achievement.  #7 will have to wait for another day when inspiration strikes.

The first two paintings were exploring the markings of different utensils, brush, sticks, q-tips, nibs... Following the first two I used masking fluid in three passings,  hence the different intensities of blue taking inspiration from batik. 

Perfectionism? Impossible. - image 1 - student project

The following two are my favorite paintings.  I enhanced the first one with a white gel pen and the second one with a black marker and white acrylic ink.

Perfectionism? Impossible. - image 2 - student project