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I decided to undertake a second project that had a bit more meaning to it. Like I said, I took this class orignially because I wanted something to force me to loosen up my style. I found a quote that I really appreciated by Slavoj Zizek—"You see perfection in imperfection itself. That is the way we should learn to love the world"—and used it as a starting point for the piece. Here are few process photos of the work in progress:

Stage 1



Thanks, guys. And thanks, Jeff—this was a great class!

First Poject: BRB

The idea behind my project was fairly simple: rendering modern slang in a traditional style. I was introduced to Jeff's work while in school, and so I was excited to find that he's teaching a class on painting and lettering. I took this class first and foremost because I find that my approach to design is often overly rigid, and I wanted something to force me to be more open—to embrace the 'happy accidents.' Unfortunately, I did a really terrible job of documenting the evolution of the project, so the only picture I have of the work-in-progress is a detail shot of the first layer of paint:

There were a lot of instances in the creation of the piece where i felt myself being more willing to make mistakes, and to allow those mistakes to guide and strengthen the final piece. The best example of this, though, is the counter of the R. I finished painting everything only to realize that I completely forgot to fill in this counter. But, I ultimately decided that it made the piece more interesting, so I let it be:

Overall, I'm happy with how the piece turned out. But more than that, I'm appreciative of how this project helped me to learn, grow, and experiment with a new medium:

Final Piece:

A few more details:

Thanks, guys!


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