Perfect Navy PFT Score

Goal: 9:46 1.5 Mile, 105 Sit-ups and 48 push ups

Action Plan: Crossfit 2-3 Days per week, Run 2-3 Days per week. Running will alternate between Tabata Intervals and longer distances, increasing to a marathon in october if I am not at OCS.

The Navy?

Well, my grandmother and grandfather were both Naval Officers... and then my dad wanted to be one but kids and such happeened instead. I grew up and one day I decided that I wanted to serve. I had a dear friend who served, now nearly all my friends serve in some branch or other. The honor, the tradiition, the commitment to excellence draws me in. So, I'm going to do it. Nothing is going to stop me. Not the fact that I am not a very fit person, and not the fact that it's going to be a long haul. I'm going to strive for perfection every step of the way. Starting with my fitness.

First 7 weeks Exact Plan:


Week 1: 2 crossfit, 2 runs (one tabata, one distance)

Week 2: 3 crossfit, 2 runs

Week 3: 3 crossfit, 2 runs

Week 4: 3 crossfit, 2 runs

Week 5: 3 crossfit, 2 runs

Week 6: 3 crossfit, 3 runs (one tabata, two distance)

Week 7: 3 crossfit, 3 runs


I'm committing to 7 weeks of Paleo. Which is rough for me because I am a sweets, drinking and carbs kind of girl. So I think I will commit to 5 days a week of pur paleo and 2 days a week of relaxed paleo. I am hoping I can slower cook and premake/freeze stuff because living and eating alone makes cooking a hassle sometimes. So that's not so bad, it's just about putting the right things in my grocery cart and fridge and sticking to it. Right?


After 7 weeks I am going to do an entire Navy PFT to assess where I am at and revise my schedule if need be. This will include 2 minutes of sit ups, a 1.5 mile run and 2 minutes of pushups.

Week 1:

Monday: Love my crossfit gym. I actually started last week just to be sure I liked it and the people and workouts are great. Bought a bunch of paleo friendly food for cooking and am ready to start yay!!!


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