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Peregrine falcon

Always love when cool useful classes come out! I haven't ever attempted a formal illustration so this is all new to me. I sincerely want to thank DKNG for coming out with this course! I've always wanted to branch out from logo design and move towards illustration in my career so hopefully this is a good start!

I chose to do a peregine falcon simply because they happen to be my favorite bird and have a lot of interesting shapes to their faces.

1. Reference

Finding reference for a peregine falcon isnt particularly difficult but getting a front view skull isn't terribly easy. 

2. Sketching

I decided to use a non-photo blue pencil for the beginning sketches to allow for a lot of freedom and pressure on the paper to test out ideas without being too careful. First sketch was particularly rough but it had the ideas I was going for.

The second image here is where i started tightening the shapes a bit in the same pencil.

Finally, I decided to bust out my half decent camera for the stage I'm currently at. I'm going to do a little bit different of a style than DKNG by taking this in a more Art Deco direction.

From here, I'm still deciding whether to get into some digital work or maybe work with a pen by hand. But as I hop back and forth between different projects I'll have to make up my mind. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Update: April 6

I decided to add some tone to my project which slowly lead me to using pen. Here are the results:


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