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Perceptive for Perspective

Hi, I'm max.

I'm a student with an interest in perspective and capturing compelling moments. Naturally, do I like to share this through mobile photography. I have been influenced by an abundance of pictures on Instagram posted by different artists. I realised what could be done and developed my own taste.

I am ecstatic when I discover a perspective at the train station, airport or in the city... . Obviously, was I hyped to do this first project that encompassed vanishing points, lights and colors. 

When I shoot, as I said, I always try to seek new perspectives. However, I also like to add other elements in the pictures to make it more compelling. It might be a mixture of light and leading lines or a human element in the frame. The composition is also important when I want to expose a certain point of view.

I believe art is volatile and constantly evolving and this is what makes it so enjoyable, it's not a strict and disciplinary task, you just need to create. 

The first picture, Shooting Scale: 


In this aerial shot, London is merely recognizable. It even gives us the feeling that the city is impersonal, even inactive. It's an interesting contrast with the vibrant and energetic city that London is. Demonstrating that scale can affect the vision one has on something.

The second pictures Showcases Light: 


Chasing harsh light in a place or enlightenment. In this spacious picture, there are leading lines and a compelling light, illuminating a group of people.

Last but not least Complementary Colors:


Although this photo isn't subtle in complimentary colors, I found the dominance of brown with some patches of colors creating an atmosphere favourable for working.

Vanishing Points:


Plain Perspective.

Thank you for checking out my project, you can find other pictures on my instagram feed:

Also, Thank you Steve for teaching us dope stuff ! Stay litt.


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