Peppercorn - student project

I'm not quite sure why I chose the word 'peppercorn' but it just happened!

I scribbled a bit on bits of paper

Peppercorn - image 1 - student project

thought "ugh! my handwriting is painfully bad." and soldiered on, to finally choose this

Peppercorn - image 2 - student project

still quite shaky, but with the thought I'd have to get my head (and mouse) round beziers I soldiered on.

In the end and after much useless cursing at the screen (computers don't empathise sadly) I ended up with this and given is only my third time using Illustrator I'm ok with it ;P

Oh! and these are the blasted beziers! I'm sure they can be improved upon, but at the moment they seem mighty fine to me. Cheerio!

Peppercorn - image 3 - student project