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Peppadews with Blue

What could be better than a sweet and fiery cheese plate on a Sunday afternoon?  

I chose to focus on the peppadews and blue cheese, as it is the main pairing on this plate.  All the other pieces are some of my favorites, but don't necessarily fit here.  I loved how each element stands out on it's own, but the red really shines.

I do wish the oil from the peppadews was a bit more contained/uniform, but now I know for next time.  I'd love some tips on how best to plate the jams/spreads.

I took this angle for variation, but prefer the next photo much better.

While still a bit messy, this picture really made me want to eat this pairing, including the flatbread.  Another learning lesson from this is not to use a serrated knife when cutting the product.

I'm very open to suggestions/feedback - still very much am amateur using my t2i on auto with manual focus.  Glad I had the chance to play with lighting, and next I'll focus on getting a better hold on adjusting the camera settings.


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