PeopleHunt - student project

We built PeopleHunt so we could get connected with awesome people nearby, and have interesting conversations.

Over the last year it has evolved from an event based scavenger hunt, to a location based knowledge dating service. It's currently an iPhone app and we just launched the demo version at the January NYTM.


We will make user profiles in the app, and make webbased versions for SEO and implicit invites, but can't do that this week. 

We have other ideas for SEO and one of them is to use video content that we create to generate conversation around certain topics. These topics are also found within the community using PeopleHunt. One of the examples is a debate around whether you can make money from art. 

A few years ago we made a quick video about this in Galway, Ireland, and have over 10,000 views:

We want to recreate this type of content and use it to help brand and get signups to use PeopleHunt - so you can have more of these types of debates with new, interesting people, in person. 

Will work this week on seeing if I can edit this video, and post it in new places to test the theory.