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Jacob Beselin

UI/UX Designer



People, people, people

Hey all!

I took this class to get ready for this years #Inktober. I've always liked inked pieces but never really taken the step and tried to learn it properly. Thank you Yuko, its been a great class. I've had lots of fun with this, trying to figure out line weights, contrast, different textures and what not. 

For practice I started with movie stills from German expressionism movies from the 30's. Nice to use as reference due to the B&W, the strong lighting and quite often strong compositions:

All these are done with brushpen on different papers.




I also brought the sketchbook with me during a philharmonic concert I got free tickets to:


And finally here's two of my latest. The first is inspired from a photograph by the great Clay Enos, made with broad low quality acrylic brushes to get the scratchy texture.

The old good heart piece is made with red and black ink (tipped the rid ink bottle over and did my best to save it hehe).



That's all for me.

Thanks for a fun class!


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