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People on streets (and in bars and behind glass)

While I don't like the type of street photography that looks 'sneaky', or sometimes even 'sleazy' (there's a lot of photography in which women in particular are the unwitting subjects of this), I do like capturing people off guard, just being themselves. So while I generally don't ask people if I can photograph them, I do like to acknowledge them once I've taken their photo, and usually do so with a smile or a nod.

Quite often it isn't even possible to have a chat with them - if, for example, they're sitting in a cafe or are at a distance from you, as in several of the photos below.

I'll post stuff I shot specifically for the class this week first and may add a few other recent images underneath. In case you were wondering it's been carnival here in Barcelona this week ;-)


I spotted this guy inside a cafe (I was passing by outside) and immediately loved everything about it, the cup, the newspaper, his hair and glasses. I'm not too crazy about the dude in white sitting outside the window, but hey, what can you do. (UPDATE: I just found out from a follower on Instagram that this guy is a famous Spanish actor)


The following pictures were NOT taken this week but I like them and wanted to share!

I took this in Reykjavik last summer. I was sitting in a bar just on the main street and had a perfect view of people passing by. I snapped a few pics of her but this was my favourite as her cap obscured her eyes, which I feel makes it easier for the viewer to come up with a story for her. I also LOVE her outfit and look. She seems pretty badass to me.

My girlfriend and I were walking down the street when we chanced upon an empty shop with a crowd of people gathered outside, looking in with great interest. A theatre troupe was putting on a show inside and the empty front room of the shop was their stage. The children in particular were absolutely intrigued by this silent play and gave me a great opportunity take a few shots.

I shot this in Berlin a few weeks ago (through a window) and just loved the combination of contrasting items and blue 'EUROPA'.

I shot this in London. I only took the shot because of the girl sitting in the doorway and the cool shop window. I only saw the other girl looking straight at me when I looked over the pic later on. Sometimes you get lucky!

This is one of the smile/nod photos I mentioned before.

I wonder if there's an Instagram post somewhere out there with another shot of this little girl, who looks pretty impatient as she's waiting for her mom to finish posting it.

And finally a few iPhone pics for good measure:

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