Nikole Mock




People let me tell you 'bout my best friend...

This is my favorite wall at work. I really like they way it looks at different times of the day. After two pm, the wall looks like two different walls. One side shows less texture and less contrast and the other side is the opposite. The plants above adds another element of texture. I choose my favorite coworker, Felipe, for my portrait. The edit preselect I chose in vsco is HB1. I slightly tweaked the exposure, contrast, sharp and skin, but just a tad.

We met some friends at Stone Brewery (Southern California) and they recently added artifical turf, because when in drought... I loved the color and texture and thought it would make an interesting backdrop. I choose my friend Sarah and her daughter Rayne. I used vsco edit preselect HB2. Again, I just tweaked the exposure, contrast, sharp and skin just a tad. I cropped it to look like Rayne was standing :)

I went to Safari Park (San Diego) with some friends and found this amazing waterfall that you can walk under. It was about two pm, and the light hit the waterfall in a way that it looked like glitter. I focused on my friend's (Dave) face. I did adjust the exposure on the phone before I took the photo. I used vsco edit preselect  KK1. I adjusted the exposure, contrast, sharp and skin but just a bit. 


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