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People Products

I'm creating a line of design-based products called People Products.

I'm working on my third project that I plan to complete by July 1st. It's a tshirt design that I will post images of here for feedback and ideas for sourcing a printer and getting it done.

I'd like to "go live" with the website using social media push in early July.

I've got a website in the works:

It has my first two projects, along with some basic copy about why I am creating the products, what inpsired me.

Human on Board bumper sticker:

Complaint-free Zone sticker + poster/digital wallpapers (coming soon)

Next Project (need feedback):

Here is a preview of the third project. I'm trying to decide on which idea makes more sense for a shirt.

1: Human.Kind.

Thoughts on this: I tink the idea fits really well with my overall messaging/brand, but concerned on originality of the idea. If I do google search for Human Kind or similar, I find other designs/ideas that are very similar, but none that use a period to break up the words, to create the double meaning. Mostly using color / type to separate the words.

2: 10% OFF

Thoughts on this: I think the idea is more original/interesting. Concerned if people will get/like it. Also, the design could be pushed a bit more in terms of type treatment.


For the past 5+ years, I’ve been spending most Friday mornings taking time away from client work and focusing on drawing in my sketch pad, reading a lot, and generating new ideas.

I found that I had a passion for how graphic design relates to products. I started noticing a lot of great product ideas cropping up like my personal favorites Good Fucking Design Advice and Veer Merch, and I was inspired to make my own products.

I see People Products™ as an intersection between Communication Design and Philosophy. By finding messages that resonate with the human spirit and the betterment of society, and treating them graphically in the context of products like stickers, shirts, bags, mugs, etc—I hope to engage people and put smiles on faces.

I find more and more that I'd rather be creating works along these lines and less and less around web design and a standard graphic design career, and I'm curious to see where this leads me, perhaps into other areas regarding Design for social good, etc.




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