People Bingo

People Bingo - student project

My history teacher always loves going to the state fair and people watching. Looking for the person with the giant mohawk, pink hair, weird piercing  etc. He always told us every year that there should be an iPhone app, where you can play bingo with friends, by taking a picture of the person described, which then is addded to the board. I would like to turn this idea in to an actual app for him by the end of this school year, merely as a silly gift.

The basis of this, is there will be a bingo grid, and people descriptions are drawn at random from a list of descriptions, and placed on the board without repeat. From there, when you click on a description, the camera will then open, and you can take a picture, which will then replace the description in that square. When 5 squares in a column, row, or diagonally are filled, with pictures, the game is over, and a line shows up going across them, and shows up on your opponents screen as well.

Below are some rough drafts, still in the works, but it's coming along.

People Bingo - image 1 - student project

People Bingo - image 2 - student project

People Bingo - image 3 - student project

People Bingo - image 4 - student project

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