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Megan Barton

Senior QA Analyst @ Brand Networks



Pennsylvania: a Full-Contact Card Game


-People who like card games
-People who socialize in groups with their friends


-People are always looking for new games that they can try out and play with their friends

How I Can Help:

-Pennsylvania is a simple card game that only takes a few minutes to learn
-You don't need any fancy equipment for it, just a deck of cards and some pens and pencils
-There is an element of action to it so it will keep you having fun the whole time you're playing

My official audience for this presentation is men, ages 25-35.  I will be giving this presentation in front of a group of my co-workers as an exercise to brush up on our presentation skills.  I want to teach them about Pennsylvania, a card game that I developed with some friends when I was in highschool.  Everybody on my team enjoys playing games, so this topic should be right up their alley.

Here is the link to my finished project:
Any critiques would be greatly appreciated!


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