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Jennifer Chau

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Penguin Pirates

Hi!  I'm new-ish to illustration.  Pretty much the only illustrations I've done are drawings to amuse my young daughters so they tend to be on the cute and simple side. I've done a bit of watercolor work in the past so this is my first experience with working in digital.

Here's my pinterest board:


Since I tend to be occupied with child rearing these days, I haven't had a chance to use to the good ole pencil/paper or even photoshop to sketch so I've been playing around with it on my iPad. Penguins are a hot topic in the house lately since we went to the aquarium not too long ago so I've been thinking of penguin pirates.  Here's what I sketched so far

Hopefully I can get around to using illustrator and photoshop this weekend.


Got a chance to play around with illustrator and photoshop and rendered one of the penguins.

And after adding some shadows

I'm still learning how to shade correctly so I hope it doesn't look too weird.

Going to mess around some more during the weekend.


I played around with textures and rendering a bit this weekend

I also played around with another character and came up with this dude

And after adding some watercolor texture, this is how he came out

This project is pretty fun :)


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