Pencils of Promise

Ahh, I've only got a few ideas, but I wanted to add more as I'm not quite at 25 yet.  Still, I'm going to share what I have so far:

General Ideas:

Campaign Idea: One Pencil, One Promise 

Let's start with 1 pencil: a offline campaign which drives people to donate the cost of one pencil.  It's low involvement and the cost of one pencil is certainly less than $5.  Let potential donors know that their donation contributes towards educating one child, $25 would definitely educate one child.

Fundraising Ideas:

Justin Beiber their biggest celebrity endorser right now.   If possible, sponsor a mini high school tour and donate the proceeds to PoP?   I know he's done similar to this where he visited the top fundraising schools.  However, I was thinking of an actual mini-tour and if not at schools, then at smaller venues. 

Also, leverage partnership with other Island/Def Jame artists to support PoP .  I was thinking possibly having a small slew of mini secret shows that artists (Frank Ocean, Gin Wigmore, the Wanted,  hold in major US cities.  A percentage or all of the proceeds may be donated to PoP. 

Rent out a small space, have up-and-coming to well-known artists, designers and illustrators show works that they create using pencils for sell.  Proceeds are donated to PoP.  Or sell these creations online for more accessibility. 


Use the given seed money to produce a documentary which profiles the town in Guatemala where we would like to build our school, why the school is necessary, the way of life and culture in that town.  Leverage that documentary to sell to an outfit like Netflix or even possibly HBO in which the proceeds are used to build the school.  Also, this would build awareness not only for the school being built, but also for PoP's overall mission.

Build a new partnership with Starbucks in which a percentage of Latin region coffees purchased are donated to PoP.  

Digital/Social Media

Run a rich media campaign where interactive banners would run and people can donate directly on the banner.  Perhaps a :30 second video plays and the banner expand (user initiated) for the user to put their information in the banner and donate without having to be driven to the website.

Donate with a tweet/hastag/reblog: partner up with a brand or an already existing partner in which every hastag/tweet/reblog that uses "PencilsofPromise" donates an amount of money to the organization.  Run this campaign for a month.


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