Ray Mosley

Senior Interactive at magneticNorth, Manchester UK



Pencils of Promise

My ideas are influenced through a couple of core themes.

- Altruism and why people may donate

- What can people give other than money

- Education and links between people in different education environments

- Product sponsors and ideas around purchase incentives http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1728172

- How to connect communities and audiences via online

I would aim to link people based on education or education products, events and creative pursuits and the simple act of altruism and "that warm feeling of giving". The theme of linking artwork and pencils while literall also feels strong.


1. Pencil Pals - Students in UK schools (could be US) are linked to students in a proposed area of a new PoP school much like pen pals. The students in the UK raise money through small acts such as washing cars or doing housework. Both sets of students learn about each other's way of lives through regular google hangouts, videos and possibly a student exchange.

2. Build a School through Back to School - Products bought during the "Back to School" campaign period such as books, stationary and uniforms that donate towards Pencil of Promise. Think "RED" products.  http://www.joinred.com/

3. Books of Promise - create an online store for donating your books from the last year that can be purchased for a minimum donation and up (pay what you like with a minimum spend). Aimed at university and college students this is a way of people giving back their books for others to purchase cheaper than brand new.

4. Combine with a large book retailer such as Amazon or Waterstones to add an optional £1 to every book sale for a limited period in aide of raising money for pencils of promise.

5. Sketch-o-Matic worldwide - An event held here in Manchester UK every year http://www.cornerhouse.org/art/art-events/sketch-o-matic could be taken global for a weekend. The premise is a photobooth but instead of a camera behind the glass is an illustrator. You get your very own personal artwork from sitting in the booth. Profit share with the artists or possibly ask for their donation of time and talent in return for raising funds. This should get some big name well known illustrators in big cities to sit in sessions for a good donation level. 

6. Sketch School - Not my original idea but would seem a perfect fit here: http://www.the100project.co.uk/ create an online store of limited edition one off artworks or limited prints from well known and up and coming artists. Sell online - possibly on a bid approach - and create a 50/50 split with artists. All work to be completed in pencil.

7. The Promise School - Create a global network of self created schools (evening classes) where those who teach donate their time and those who learn donate their money. The schools could teach anything from skills such as plumbing, plastering to computing and onto art and languages. Those with the skills to instruct donate their time and people pay for classes with all proceeds to pencils of promise. These could be self organised with a central support network much like TedX. These could also expand online much like Skillshare.

8. Price of a Pint - Join with the NUS (National Union of Students) to create a freshers week campaign to encourage new students to university to donate the price of one pint to build new schools and education through Pencils of Promise. This would be run by reps visiting venues and campuses during freshers week and promoted through fresher week magazines and communications.

9. Pencils of Promise Bag For Life - Create a limited edition bag for life with a supermarket chain that includes in the price a donation to the charity. These could feature designs from students in guatemala.

10. Computer Built Schools - a new campaign in conjunction with a technology giant where new laptops include a percentage donation to pencils of promise. Much like RED products these purchase often bring feelings of guilt (spending large amounts of money) and therefore are perfect for purchase incentives. Buying the product helps education in guatemala.

11. Community Action - create a new platform where groups or individuals can propose work or an event they will hold in their local community for people to donate towards. If targets are met the event goes ahead with proceeds going to pencils of promise. These could be events such as music events through to community action projects like landscaping a public space. Some will donate time and other will donate money to see it happen.

12. Urban Farming for Guatemala - With the initial funding we create a programme to help locals in the UK/US etc to create "backyard farms" much like guatemala http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/centralamerica/guatemala/guatemala-gardens.xml. We help them grow organic produce which we then buy back at a nominal cost to sell at farmers markets. Not only will this be organic produce but buyers will understand the charity and those running farms in their backyards, schools or rooftops will be educating themselves about organic food and farming.

13. National Five a Side - A national Five a Side football tournament where teams pay to enter across the country and compete from local town to wider region onto national finals. The finals should be played at a large national ground such as Old Trafford or Wembley. The tournament is documented online and all profits go to pencils of promise. Online activity such as donations or a partnership with a betting company to profit share could feature. Gaining celebrities to take part will raise extra profile with the opportunity of you and your mates playing against stars. http://metro.co.uk/2012/01/11/paul-scholes-scores-12-goals-in-local-five-a-side-match-281365/

14. Create a unique culture event or series of events to be streamed online. This could be a play that is created in an unusual space or a music show featuring a prominent artist. The key ingrediant is to create an online on demand and live experience that viewers buy tickets for. Profits provide donations.


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