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PoP Brainstorm Ideas

TARGET: 25-54 year old working professionals that have an interest in social causes but are not actively participating (i.e. volunteering or donating)


-          Families build a school by incentivizing kids to get good grades, read books, complete all their homework, activities. Creates family time and kids learn about giving back.

  • Create fundraising tool kits for families (worth $100 – educates 4 students for one year). Every time kids complete a specific task, they get to add to a piece of the school until they build the entire school
  • Idea can extend to the classroom and tutoring facilities
  • Potential partners: Legos, Leap pad, Crayola

-          Book club parties

  • Reach out to book clubs around the US and get them to hold a dinner or dessert party. Everyone that attends will donate what they think their meal or treat was worth. All donations going to PoP.

-          Kid art coffee book

  • Kids love to draw and color in elementary school. Create a coffee book with their works of art and stories to be sold at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. A portion of sales benefitting PoP.

-          A day without pencils

  • Awareness campaign targeted towards working professionals and families
  • How hard would it be to go without pens or pencils in the classroom for a day? Challenge teachers and classrooms to go without writing utensils for a day.

Sports / Fitness / Productivity-related

-          Weight loss challenge: People better themselves by losing weight while supporting PoP

  • For every pound you lose, the partner will donate $__ for a child to go to school and have enough food for a week. You’re losing weight and become your best self as the child in Guatemala gains food and education.
  • Potential partners: Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers

-          Century Bike Ride/Marathon Race

  • Nationwide similar to the Aids Walk, pick top metropolitan areas.
  • Friends and Family’s donate a certain $ for every mile you walk/run/ride

-          Productivity Apps

  • Wunderlist and other apps that make completing chores a game
  • Create a school/classroom themed game where you for every 5 chores you complete, the app donates to PoP

Shopping- related

-          Incentivize consumer to write a review

  • When someone buy a product from a retailer, when you give a review or rating on what you bought, the company will give a donation to PoP
  • Product categories: consumer technology, clothing, shoes, bags, restaurants
  • Environments: Retailer sites, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter


Corporate donations

-          Reach out to corporate foundations that donate to education, children and developing countries. Corporate foundations: $2MM grants to 100-200 organizations every year

-          Family foundation, private grants

  • Utilize Silicon Valley Community Fund’s connections with corporate donors and create an initiative focusing on fundraising for PoP


-          Social Gaming with a cause (education tie-in)

  • Draw something, Words with Friends, Farmville/Cityville
    • Draw animals, flowers, and other items local to Guatemala
      • Use Guatemala inspired color palette
      • Buy coins and the game will donate to PoP

Other Random ideas

Dora the explorer!

- Creative book collaboration with HIt Record inspired by PoP (or using pencils only to create, colored pencils ok)

- Kumon partnership

That's all I have so far...Thanks!