Pencils of Promise Ideas

This is a very preliminary mind-map I generated to both brainstorm and organize with.  While this is not the first time I have done an exercise like this, it is the first time I have done one for an altruistic cause.  Here is the unrefined output:

Idea:  Sister Schools

Logline:  We are going to connect children of the US with children of Guatemala, helping both of them in the process.  The children of Guatemala will get a place to learn, and the children of the US will learn about the world around them.

Idea:  Pencils for Pencils

Logline:  In a partnership with Mead, specially-made/color pencils will be sold, with proceeds benefiting Pencils of Promise.

Idea:  Assemblies in Schools wtih Pencils of Promise T-Shirts

Logline:  Pencils of Promise will get children to raise awareness for Guatemala by organizing assemblies in their schools, during which specially-made t-shirts will be worn, unifying the school in the cause.

Idea:  Coffee for the Children

Logline1:  A portion of proceeds from all sales of drip coffee of Guatemalan descent will be used to fun Pencils of Promise.

Logline2:  We are going to get children to sell coffee door to door in the name of building schools in Guatemala.

Idea:  Approach wealthy benefactors

Strategy:  Wealthy benefactors will be given exclusive naming rights of schools built by Pencils of Promise, and will attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony in their honor.

Idea:  Tiles for the Children

Logline:  Decorate a tile that will be placed in a school in Guatemala that you helped build.

Idea:  Scholastic Books and Pencils

Logline:  We will get people to buy pencils while they are buying books, in the name of building schools in Guatemala.  Specially made pencils will be sold via the Scholastic book sellers in schools.

Idea:  A night with Daphne Zuniga

Logline: Meet the most famous non-dictator and non-political person of Guatemalan dissent on the wikipedia page for famous Guatemalan people, all to benefit Pencils of Promise.

Idea:  Pencil Pals

Logline:  Through a grass-roots effort, Pencil Pals will connect children in privileged countries with children in Guatemala, with the goal of raising funds to build schools in this rebuilding nation.


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