Pencils for Promise

Insight: maintaining the organization of society is a collective good toward which individuals will contribute

Insight: current and potential donors ascribe personality traits to non-profit organizations and differentiate between non-profit on the basis of an organization's personality:
integrity, nurturance, sophistication, ruggedness

Insight: Couples who bargain over giving increases the amount of charitable contributions by almost 7%

Insight: Fear of crime affects the measure of philanthropic behavior

Insight: people give because 

1. someone is watching
2. people are judging each other
3. someone is asking
4. intellectually recognizing a need
5. emotionally feeling the need


Idea 1  Target: Tourists 

Every year countless travelers visit the ruins of once great Mayan Cities including those in Guatemala's Western Highlands. The most alluring place in Maya Guatemala is Chichicastenango, a walkable town about three hours by road from Guatemala City where more than 95 percent of the people are indigenous. Each Thursday and Sunday, Maya vendors carry their goods on their backs at dawn to Chichi's market, selling brilliantly hued textiles, fearsome wooden masks, golden and purple maize, necklaces and produce arramged in Escher-like patterns. 

Pencils of Promise could partner with these indigenous to sell their goods on the POP website or at Tourist Attractions under the trusted POP name - proceeds from the goods would go toward educating the indigenous children. 

Idea 2  Target: Afflunent Guatemalans

Insight: Fear of crime affects the measure of philanthropic behavior

Guatemala's wealthiest could turn into POP donors by educating them on the statistical chances that an uneducated child could turn into a criminal/ thief. 

Idea 3 Target: Musicians

Guatemalan culture is its music and fashion.  Guatemalan people are known for their percussion bands. 
POP partnership with famous percussionsits whose concert proceeds would go toward POP. 

Idea 4 Target: Brilliant Fashionistas

Guatemalan culture is its music and fashion. Guatemalan fashion is well known for its use of brightly colored yarn-textiles, capes, shirts, blouses, skirts and dresses. Many of which are worn by women. 
Penicls of Promise could develop a branded clothing line geared towars "brilliant" women. 
Stylish women in top positions of power in the U.S. could serve as the face of the campaign. Mesaaging could be that Brilliant is the new Beautiful. 

Idea 5 Target: Guatamalan Tourist Restuarants 

Guatemalan girls suffer from a lack of proper women's facilities in schools. 
Guatemalan restaurants could band together to charge a dollar for toursists to use their "facilities" 
each dollar donation would go toward POP. 


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