Pencils Of Promise

Current partnerships

  • Faber-Castell: This current partner brings a lot of potential, since both brands have pencils in their cores. These are some of the ideas I had with Faber-Castell

Back to school season: 

Every year, thousands of moms go to buy school supplies for their children. This is the moment where PoP’s message becomes more relevant than ever, as moms can secure the education for another child’s education by buying the PoP edition of Faber-Castell color pencils.

Special Edition: 

Create a premium line of Faber-Castell products targeted at art schools around the US. The line will be distributed to selected students before being launched to the public through a special gala. The event will feature artwork done with the PoP/Faber-Castell products.

Starbucks’ office supplies: 

Being the temporal workspace for many Americans on a daily basis, PoP can introduce a line of branded office supplies in the Starbucks coffee shops across the country. The product line aims to help the worker who has forgotten or run out of any office essentials, while increasing awareness around PoP’s mission and gathering donations at the same time.

Nook PoP’s Bookshelf: 

Create a section on the Nook Book Store where PoP features the best books about education. A list of books from different areas and knowledge fields with all the different perspectives on the importance of education. With each “Special PoP edition” of any e-book readers will get a special foreword from the founder, Adam Braun.


Other ideas


Kindle Ads: 

The last one reminded that I hate the ads on my Kindle. It’s where I read books, and they advertise me with ads for Packaged goods or shaving machines. This space has an opportunity for a much more emotional messages. PoP could showcase hand-written letters from real children in the classrooms, telling everyone how life-changing the school has been for them.

Signature virtual wall: 

A virtual wall will hold the signature of every new donor, in an effort to visualize the footprint of the aid in real time. This wall could be part of the first ‘PoP Literacy Month’, an annual effort done in September (Literacy Day is in Sep. 8) to bring awareness around the literacy rate in the world and sign a virtual open letter to UNESCO (the UN organism who deals with education in a global scale)

Airplane immigration forms: 

Every year, more than 1.3 million tourists enter Guatemala, and every single one of them sign immigration forms during their dull plane rides. PoP could partner with the Guatemalan government to give one pencil with each immigration form. Every pencil could have a message comparing it to the exact same pencil that children around Guatemala use every day to shape the future of the country. A petition to donate would be installed in the airport with staff capable of providing further information about PoP.

Teachers Day Documentary: 

A documentary around unemployed teachers in Guatemala. It would show their lives and struggles, and the message to the public to help unemployed teachers around the world reunite with their passion - educate the future of the world.

Literacy Conference:

Create a series of TED-like conferences on the global literacy day (September 8) to raise awareness around the literacy problems in the world and get PR for PoP and its mission.

PoP Scholarship:

Target the top 100 Universities in the US changing the conversation from ‘donation’ to ‘scholarship’. That way, a donation of 10,000 (close number as the yearly college tuition) from a University would be a scholarship for an entire school in Guatemala. 

Pencil Mayan Sculptures: 

Create a limited line of pencil sculptures (like this) with mayan patterns/artwork. The pieces of art could be auctioned and could be part of an ad campaign showing the relationship between PoP and the education of Guatemala's future.

Temporal murals: 

Pencil goes away pretty quickly. We could create murals in main urban cities painted with graphite. The call to action would be related to the time we all have before the bright future guatemalan kids could have fades away.


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