Pencil drawing (mechanical pencil 0.7 2B)

Pencil drawing (mechanical pencil 0.7 2B) - student project

Pencil drawing (mechanical pencil 0.7 2B) - image 1 - student projectPencil drawing (mechanical pencil 0.7 2B) - image 2 - student project

I tried the methods that i have learnt from the lessons that i have just watched in this specific drawing and it has certainly improved the knowledge of how to draw a portrait and also enhanced my skill(which are not significant yet as i still need time to digest all the information and most importantly need constant practice while applying your methods).

Before i got to know skillshare even existed i never thought a mechanical pencil could do these type of drawings with its tiny tip but after the lessons it was a surprising news that all pencils are capable of the same thing and people choose their pencils based on their preference.

Although the materials used aren’t the same as stated in the lessons this sketch was the best i could do for now. And i would be very thankful if i could learn the mistakes and the things that i did right in this drawing so i can further improve my techniques. 


Thank you for making these lessons it serves as a great resource for us beginners.