Pencil Pioneer

Pencil Pioneer - student project

I started Mount Pioneer, a design and illustration company, last summer and I have been meaning to start up the side project, Pencil Pioneer. I decided to use this opportunity to create the logo for Pencil Pioneer, since most of my work is handscripted! It's my first Skillshare class and I am looking forward to the project!

Initial Sketches

Version 1

This was an idea I had to mix script with type. I want to find a way to connect the two words a bit more, just playing with swashes.

Pencil Pioneer - image 1 - student project

Version 2

This sketch is the one I am leaning toward, I think I just need to come up with a way to make the two words connect a little bit more... 

Pencil Pioneer - image 2 - student project

Andrea Foht
Illustrator & Designer at Mount Pioneer